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his is another article in a series of articles about finding a way of life that will allow you to lose weight and have the body you have always wanted without going through the misery of calorie counting or restrictive diets. For previous articles please search this authors name on this website.

Where Do You Put Your effort?

So you are trying to lose weight, on the one side of the effort scale you have your thoughts, and on the other side of the effort scale you have your actions.

For this scale to be in balance you will need to put 90% of your efforts on the thoughts and 10% of your effort on the actions that you will take.

Your thoughts are 90% of your success… This may surprise most people as the myth is that how you exercise, or how you eat is the most important thing when losing weight. Well that is just not the case, if you don’t have your thinking right your actions will be meaningless.

Your thoughts create your feelings, which create your actions, which lead to your results. It all starts with your thoughts; if your thoughts are not right your results will not be right.

100% Commitment

People don’t follow through on diets because of limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs, 95% of these thoughts and beliefs are subconscious. It will take 100% commitment to break through your current limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs and get to where you are doing what you know you should do to lose weight. But don’t worry. As Jack Canfield says, “99% commitment is a bitch, 100% commitment is a breeze!”

So get 100% committed to the changes you want to make in your life, don’t worry about how you will make the changes, just focus on why you want to make the changes. The why is your thoughts, the how is your actions, and as stated earlier 90% of the effort needs to be on the thoughts.

Act In Accordance With New Beliefs

Healthy, fit, athletic people think and act in a certain way, and to lose weight and achieve your ideal body you will have to think and act in a similar way. To do this you will need to impress new thoughts upon your subconscious mind (and remove limiting beliefs), then your new subconscious thoughts will direct how you act. Remember thoughts>feelings>actions>results.

By following specific techniques you can create the image of what you want, and by impressing that image upon your subconscious mind through repetition and emotional involvement, you create new habits. These habits attract the help of powers beyond yourself-call it Source, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence, The Greater Power, God, The Law of Attraction, or whatever you choose to call it. This force creates situations in your life which are in alignment with your new beliefs and which bring you closer to the health and fitness you desire.

Emotional Involvement

To impress your new empowering beliefs and visions about the body you desire upon your subconscious mind, you need to become emotionally involved with those thoughts and beliefs.

When you think or say what you want without much conviction, belief, or emotion, your subconscious mind does not believe it and does not adopt that new belief. However if you use some emotional intensity to think and say what you want with strong emotions and belief, your subconscious mind has no choice but to accept the new belief.

I will share with you how to do this by using the following techniques:

• Writing your goals down on white paper with a pen in blue ink.

• Visualization of having achieved your goal for 68 seconds invoking the emotions of already having it.

• Acting as if you have achieved your goals

In Summary

In summary in this article we have learned that when losing weight our thoughts are way more important than the exercise or nutrition strategies that we will use. Without the right thoughts we will not follow through on an exercise or nutrition plan, and will end up self-sabotaging what we want to achieve.

We need to be 100% committed to what we want, and we need to impress the vision of what we want onto our subconscious mind through repetition and emotional involvement. Once thoughts about what we want are impressed upon our subconscious we will begin to act in a certain way that will give us the results we desire.

This article is written by Glen Fichardt, who as an author, speaker and coach is dedicated to helping people use specific lifestyle techniques to lose weight and keep the weight off so they can have the ideal body they have always wanted.

Glen’s book “How I Lost Weight By Changing My Lifestyle Instead Of Dieting” is available in the Amazon Kindle store. Did you know that you do not need a kindle reader to buy a kindle book? Amazon has free kindle book reader software that you can download and read any kindle book on your computer.

Glen also has weight loss training videos that can be accessed for free at

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