How many times have you decided to commit to a diet, and you set out your eating plan…

And then all of a sudden you are sitting on the couch eating an entire tub of ice cream, or an entire pizza, or even an entire bucket of wings?

Happened to you?

Of course it has, that’s why they call that “Comfort Food”!!!

This is what is called “emotional eating” and all of us have suffered from this at some time in the past. This form of eating will derail any diet plans that you have because quite simply we always act in accordance with our feelings.

So how do you put an end to this once and for all?

General life stress is going to be one of the influencing factors that lead to emotional eating, so among the solutions is dealing with stress. Stress will stop you from doing the things you want to do (like exercising and eating a salad) and make you do things you don’t want to do (like eating that pint of ice cream).

So when you are feeling stressed and are inclined to engage in emotional eating, one strategy is to do ANYTHING that will make you feel better; here are a few ideas:

1. Go For a Walk Outside

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make yourself feel better is to go outside and take a nice invigorating walk. Feel the sun and the breeze on your face and look around you at all that surrounds you and take it all in. The bi-podal motion of walking also releases “feel good” brain chemicals that have a tremendous effect on making you feel better.

2. Dance Like No-One is Watching

This one combines two awesome feel good tactics…music and movement. So when you feel inclined to call the take out joint, instead put on some jamming beats and just dance by yourself. Yes I know it sounds goofy but trust me on this. Number one; music that inspires you will make you feel better, and number two; moving your body always makes you feel better. You physiology always affects how you feel. And as a bonus tactic while you are listening to the music and shaking your booty do this…

Smile as big as you can smile, and hold it for as long as you can. I am talking a huge big cheesy smile here. Now don’t knock it till you try it; you cannot feel bad when you are smiling, moving your body, and feeling the music pulsate through you. Guaranteed.

Stress can lead to emotional eating which can lead to packing on the pounds. This all starts in between your ears; your thinking is what controls it all.

Would you like to learn how to “think” like a skinny person? I show you exactly how to do it here:

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I know you can create the body of your dreams!

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