About Auto Pilot Weight Loss

Glen Fichardt -media-300x250At Auto Pilot Weight Loss we teach everyday people, like me and you, learn how to use specific lifestyle skills and techniques so that you can lose weight, keep it off and have the ideal body you have always wanted.

Do you know people that have gone on a diet and struggled to lose weight, or they lost weight and put it all back on again, and then some more….

We understand the frustration involved with this and the solution is to change your lifestyle instead of dieting. Think about it, do fit, healthy, active people diet? No, they make different choices that give them the results they have.

So if you are ready to master this aspect of your life, we offer an over-the-phone weight loss mentorship program that is designed to get you the results you desire. We also offer an online video based weight loss coaching course that you can do on your own. We focus on getting results but with weight loss there is no overnight success, it takes time to make changes; if you are committed to changing your life you may see results within a matter of a few months. This is how it works;there are subconscious blocks that are holding you back from getting the body you want, psychiatrists may dig deeper and deeper into your childhood experiences but you only need to identify your subconscious blocks without re-hashing them. These blocks are holding you back from getting what you want out of your life—whatever it may be, self-image issues, bad experiences with food or a loved one, childhood trauma, unhealthy exercise and nutrition beliefs. Once we identify the blocks they can be removed with a proprietary technique.

Most people don’t understand why they want something in their life but they just can’t get it. They set goals and don’t achieve them. People don’t understand what blocks they have or why they have them. We just figure out what the blocks are and remove them, it’s really powerful. Once your blocks are removed, you can literally get out of your own way and tap into your unique gifts and talents, you will be changed forever.

We do not do an accountability program or give you advice. The program is based on information that has been used by the most successful people around the world. This information comes straight from the source, straight from the most successful people who have shared this information with others who are willing to do what it takes to change their lives.

The benefits of this program will be multifold; you will become clear on what you want, how to set your goals properly and how to achieve those goals. The results will spread into other areas of your life – you may have more purpose, less stress and better overall life skills.

Our program is available in one-on-one sessions, or in small group sessions, an online course, and in live seminar events. Rates range from $97 to $2,500 per month.

More About Glen

GlenFichardt -as seen on media- 334x297Glen Fichardt has a degree in Civil Engineering and has worked on high-profile major construction projects on three continents. Glen has been in the trenches of real world corporate success for over twenty five years and has hands on experience creating success and delivering projects up to and in excess of $100 million.

Having worked his way up the corporate success ladder Glen has been a Vice President in a publically traded heavy civil engineering construction company for the past five years.

Dedicated to helping others achieve results in their lives Glen has combined his corporate experience with his passion for learning and sharing the techniques that result in real world success. Now as an author, speaker, and Coach Glen is dedicated to inspiring and instructing people on how to become their best selves.

Glen specializes in helping people change their lifestyles so they can create their ideal body, attract the happiness and success they deserve, and live empowered joyful lives.