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Discover 3 Simple Tricks To Help You With Your Weight Loss Success

In this video, motivational author, speaker, and coach, Glen Fichardt reveals why diets don’t work and explains the motivational weight loss techniques that he personally used to go from being overweight, miserable and unhappy to unlocking his personal motivation and achieving his ideal weight. Find out how you can use these simple techniques that allowed Glen to achieve greater results, and apply them in your own life.
Marcio Decker
Marcio DeckerTruckee, CA
"I am now on the 5th week of the lifestyle change program and I have lost 10 lbs since I started. I work out regularly, plan my meals and enjoy life without restrictions. I am confident and have the tools I need to be successful! I highly recommend the program and attest to Glen Fichardt's skills and experience."
Sal Mendoza
Sal MendozaSan Diego, CA
It’s hard to explain what I think of your program and what I think of you my man, but FREAKING AWESOME is a great starting point. I just think the world of you!!

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Discover three simple tricks to dramatically decrease your weight and increase your health